About Us

Les Maisons des jeunes du Pontiac is a non-profit organization which offers four youth houses of animated activities and support for kids and teens from the Pontiac: located in Rapides-des-Joachims, in Mansfield and in Shawville.


That all teens from the Pontiac become active and responsible citizens.


Offer animated youth houses where youth aged 6 to 17  years old from the Pontiac can become critical, active and responsible citizens.


The Maisons des jeunes du Pontiac started in 1996. The first youth house to open was in Fort-Coulonge, February 28th 1996. Afteward, two other youth houses opened: Rapides-des-Joachims and Campbell's Bay. The Shawville youth center opened a year later. Since then, Les Maisons des jeunes du Pontiac has participated in the creation and lauching of many projects such as the PEEP, the Pontiac Youth Coop, and much more.

To date, The organization is still offering four houses where youth can benefit from a variety of activities and services.

Day to day functionning

Adult animators are always present when the Youth houses are open to kids and teenagers. The Maisons des jeunes du Pontiac offer healthy  and structured meeting places. We organize free activities with the help of the youth council. Activities usually include workshops, information sessions, group outings, sports and individual, cultural and community activities.